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We work with Helena Care for the secure exchange of medical documents (e.g. lab results, referral letter for a specialist, etc.). This is an online secure environment where you can consult, save and print prescriptions, referral letters, reports, etc. Documents remain available for 6 months. Go online to and log in via itsme® or eID.

Helena is your free digital health portal. It is your personal digital mailbox and archive for all your medical documents and data. Thanks to Helena, it is possible to communicate securely with your healthcare providers and reserve prescribed items at your pharmacy with one click.


The Collaborative Care Platform (CoZo) is a digital collaboration platform that allows patients, healthcare providers and healthcare institutions to quickly and securely exchange and share medical data. By ensuring better information flow, CoZo improves the care process.
The platform has grown from an open vision of the healthcare of the future, with respect for the individuality of each partner and with care for maximum protection of the patient's privacy. Click here for the CoZo privacy policy.
Read more about CoZo

GMD (Global Medical File): 

In the electronic Global Medical File, all your medical data is collected and maintained in one place. This way you and your doctor get a complete picture of your health condition. Useless examinations and duplicate treatments are thus avoided. Moreover, smoother communication and collaboration with other care providers is possible. 


The GMD can be requested during each consultation or home visit and can be renewed annually. 


Financial benefit of a GMD: you pay for a consultation  30% less co-payment if you visit the practice that manages your GMD. If you are at least 75 years old and/or chronically ill, this benefit also applies to a home visit.

You do not have to pay anything to take out a GMD. A GMD counts per practice, not per doctor. So you have the benefits with all doctors in the practice. 


A "Sumehr" or "Summarized Electronic Health Record" is a digital summary of the most important information from your file. 

A Sumehr contains the following information:

  • Your basic information: name, date of birth, native language,...

  • The contact details of an emergency contact person

  • Information about risk factors (allergies, reactions to medications, social risk factors, etc.)

  • An overview of the medical history (called antecedents)

  • An overview of current problems

  • An overview of the medication

  • An overview of the vaccinations. 

Only doctors can create this summary and share it with each other!

If you go to a doctor other than your general practitioner or other regular doctor, he or she will immediately get a good idea of your health status via the summary. This can also be important in emergency situations. 

When you give us permission to request your file and transfer it to our practice, we always mention that we also make a summary of your file available to other doctors. 

You can consult this yourself via My Health Viewer. 

If you have any questions or comments about this, please do not hesitate to discuss them!



The new privacy law has been in force since May 25, 2018. This General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or better known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), deals extensively with the management and security of the personal data of European citizens.

This important European measure further protects the privacy of every European citizen and must be strictly applied.

Our group practice has up-to-date data management, where all data is stored in a safe and secure manner.

  • Our doctors are bound by professional secrecy.

  • Our PCs are optimally protected against viruses and malware and via various passwords for the screen saver, for the medical file, for the appointment program, for eHealth and other communication programs.


We ask patients for an "informed consent", an agreement to store your general and health data, and an agreement to exchange your data - if necessary - with other health professionals.

This new legislation also means that all data (lab, letter, prescription, certificate) can and may only be provided to the person himself. Forwarding data by fax or email is no longer permitted.

This new legislation means that we only collect your personal and health data for specified, expressly described and legally justified purposes.

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