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Covid and flu vaccinations 2023

You can be vaccinated with us (again) against COVID-19 and against the flu this year.



  • You have a chronic disease (even if it is under control), such as diabetes mellitus, a lung disease, or a disease of the liver, kidneys, heart, an immunity problem, etc.

  • Or based on your age.

You will receive your invitation by email or post


The government recommends people in the risk group to be vaccinated against both infectious diseases.

 Getting vaccinated does not mean that you can no longer get sick. However, you are less likely to suffer serious consequences from the flu or an infection with the coronavirus. There is also less chance that you will have to go to the hospital if you do become infected. Moreover, it protects the vulnerable people around you.

Aziatische man wordt gevaccineerd

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Covid vaccinations are organizationally more complex than the flu vaccines, which is why we provide 2 Saturdays on which you can be vaccinated against Covid in our practice, at other times this is NOT possible with us. 

  • Saturday  21st of October

  • Saturday October 28

Make your appointment in time (if possible before the end of September). This can be done by telephone or via the online agenda, select 'Covid vaccination (+ possibly flu vaccine)' from the drop-down menu for the reason for the appointment.

You do NOT have to buy the Covid vaccine yourself, but it will be ordered by us.

Flu vaccinations:

  • can be given during a consultation for another problem

Injections for corona and flu may also be given at the same time (in both arms). This is possible at the above-mentioned covid vaccination moments at the end of October.

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  • Are you coming for a flu vaccine only, without any other questions? Then come to one of our vaccination moments in November. You can schedule this via our online agenda (reason for appointment: 'griep vaccinatie') or by telephone. In order to work as time efficiently as possible, we ask that you not book a regular consultation if you are only coming for a vaccine.

Just like last year, you can get the flu vaccine at the pharmacy. The prescription is already been placed on your identity card.


Keep the vaccine in the refrigerator at home until it is ready to be administered


Notes regarding the vaccination appointments:

* You cannot choose which doctor vaccinates you (in the online agenda the Vaccinations are listed by name, but this does not mean that you will end up with that doctor)

* The vaccination appointments are ONLY for vaccinations (no other questions/complaints)

* Wear comfortable clothes and expose your arm in the waiting room so that we can continue quickly.

* Always wait 15 minutes in the waiting room after vaccination.



Do you have any questions? Do not hesitate to contact us!


Hopefully see you soon!​

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