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  • Results can be communicated briefly by telephone.  We will call you back at a free time (between or after the consultation). It may be indicated that it is necessary to come for a consultation, for example for a more detailed explanation, if further action needs to be taken, medication is needed, etc.


  • Would you like to see your results discussed in detail? Do not make unnecessary telephone calls and rather make an appointment.


  • Would you like to look up the results of blood tests, medical imaging and any reports from specialists in the hospital yourself? We work with Helena Care for the secure exchange of medical documents (e.g. lab results, referral letter for a specialist, etc.). This is an online secure environment where you can consult, save and print prescriptions, referral letters, reports, etc. Documents remain available for 6 months.                                                                                             Go online to and log in via itsme® or eID. 

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